Intake Ebook

L&D teams are receiving higher budgets and increased executive support for corporate learning programs, which has urged the need to quickly deliver effective solutions that have a meaningful impact on organizational goals. Developing a strategic approach to managing and prioritizing training intake can have a significant role in delivering those solutions. Prioritization of requests is necessary to ensure you are maximizing the value you provide your organization, without overworking your team.

In this paper Metrix shares some tips and tools for taking a strategic approach to prioritizing requests. Some keys to success include integrating your L&D strategy into your training request prioritization, and being agile and adaptive to market disruptors and new opportunities. An assessment scorecard and evaluation continuum are tools that can ensure each request can be quickly assessed and prioritized. Additionally, a standardized approach to training request intake (i.e. standardized training request form and training intake software) enables easy prioritization and instant, clear visibility into the potential impact of a requested training solution.

With the tools outlined in this paper, you’ll soon be creating a training intake system that allows you to quickly dive into creating training with strategic value!

Intake Ebook

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