Combatting Digital Fatigue in eLearning

With the increase in remote work and the ubiquitousness of digital devices, it is likely that your learners are experiencing digital fatigue or burnout. This phenomenon negatively impacts work productivity and learning.

On one hand, the last thing we want is for our eLearning solutions to compound digital fatigue. On the other, eLearning is too powerful of a tool to cut out of our learning and development arsenal. What can we do to address this issue? How can we leverage the benefits of eLearning, while minimizing the negative effects of fatigue?

In this paper, we share some effective strategies to help minimize the impact of digital fatigue in eLearning. By focusing on the learner experience in our design, we can create engaging learning solutions that fit within learners’ digital environments. Engaging in thoughtful analysis, minimizing distractions, implementing universal design principles, experimenting with multimodal approaches, and promoting learning in the flow of work in our learning solutions can all help improve the learner experience.

Want to find out more? Check out our whitepaper for five helpful strategies that you can use to combat digital fatigue in eLearning.

Combatting Digital Fatigue in eLearning

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