Evolving Needs of Commercial Training in Pharma

When it comes to commercial training in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, stakes are high, timelines are short, and demands are becoming more complex. Despite this, stakeholder expectations of creativity and quality of learning experiences hasn’t changed. Some potential issues in such an environment include:

Rushed design and development phases: A great learning experience can take time to create. However, timelines are often short, leaving little room for errors or setbacks. This can impact the ability to apply the strategic and creative thinking that is vital to the commercial training role. That’s where more agile approaches to learning design and development, and an agency you can rely on makes all the difference!

Trouble navigating the complexity of online training delivery: It is challenging to choose from the countless authoring and collaboration tools, delivery platforms and tech savvy shortcuts. To start narrowing down your options, it is recommended to define your training goals, determine any IT or budget restrictions, and investigate the feasibility and reliability of each tool/platform of interest. Then you can more easily compare the quality, price, and compatibility with your training needs.

Quality of medical writing: Poor quality of medical writing can lead to extra medical, legal and regulatory review cycles, and reduce trust from important internal medical stakeholders. If you decide to outsource your medical writing, it often “pays to pay more”. While nothing beats experience to help build trust a medical writing partner, we share some questions in this paper that you can ask to assess the quality of a potential partner.

Compromised innovation and creativity, leading to lower learner engagement: Tight timelines may lead to a lack of innovation and creativity, which can have an impact on engagement. A lack of engagement can have an impact on retention and behavior change in the field. Remember that creativity can come in many forms— instructional or visual design, in the delivery, in technology or how the data is used to inform the learning design and implementation process!

All of these can impact stakeholder satisfaction and learner perceived value. Metrix can help companies in the pharmaceutical and medical devices space to navigate these challenges and deliver results regardless of tight timelines and complex demands!

Evolving Needs of Commercial Training in Pharma

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