Power Skills Training Framework

There are many challenges that come with elective continuous development. Most employees will say they don’t have time for learning, while others aren’t aware of what’s available, how to find it, or how to make the most of it. For some, it’s a question of whether or not this content is relevant for their role. Finally, some managers can find conversations about growth and career challenging to navigate.

To overcome these challenges, Metrix developed a framework to help determine what power skills are important to develop for your business and your employees. We believe that power skills are crucial to providing an engaging and effective learning experience. Top examples of power skills include communication and teamwork, leadership and management, productivity and collaboration, and personal development and wellness.

From analysis, prioritization, self-assessment, experience and resources, and coaching and feedback, our framework can help power up your power skills! In fact, upskilling and reskilling can help to add value beyond automated systems, adapt to new ways of working and technologies, operate in a digital environment, lead change and spearhead strategy, and motivate teams and foster belonging. Leverage our framework to help identify those power skills and power up!

Power Skills Training Framework

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