Upskilling & Reskilling

Are you noticing skill gaps within your salesforce? With so much disruption lately, it’s important to look for solutions that keep up with the changing times. It’s no secret that hiring from outside can cost a lot more than building from within. That’s why Metrix has developed a tried-and-true framework that helps you clarify your upskilling and reskilling needs, customized to your business objectives.

First, start by looking outside. What does your future customer look like? For example, the hybrid model is here to stay, and we can expect 30% less in-person meetings post-Covid. Tools such as surveys, focus groups, or third-party research can shed some light on this.

Second, look inside. What critical outcomes do you need to achieve to thrive in the future environment? Examples may include effective virtual meeting facilitation, establishing access to customers, or a seamless multichannel customer experience. Leveraging strategic planning or a value proposition canvas can provide deeper insights.

Third, spot capability gaps. What capabilities do you need to execute your critical outcomes? This may include remote and hybrid selling, storytelling, virtual presence, multichannel marketing, collaboration, empathy, situational leadership, and coaching. Implementing competency mapping or a learning needs analysis would help identify these gaps.

And finally, fill the capability gaps. What is the best approach to fill your identified gaps? Perhaps it requires upskilling, reskilling, hiring from outside, or a combination. Planning a learning strategy and executing these learning interventions can address these gaps.

Use this framework to get you ahead of the game by optimizing employee experience, maximizing company goals, and increasing customer satisfaction.

Upskilling & Reskilling

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