Cultivating Leadership with a Customized Development Program

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Cultivating Leadership with a Customized Development Program

Rexall had identified leadership development as a critical enabler of their strategy. Although they had an existing leadership model, they needed a vision and structure for how to take current and new leaders from good to great in all roles and departments across the organization. They also needed their program to uphold their values, embody their culture and address the unique challenges of leadership in the retail pharmacy space.

Bringing Our Strategy to Life in Stores
Rexall partnered with us to design and build a leadership development program from the ground up. The program was for all leadership roles – store managers, pharmacy managers, and leaders at their head office – and all leadership levels, from managers to senior executives, for a total target audience of ~700 people across the country.

Based on Rexall's strategic direction, as well as focus groups and interviews we conducted with them, we identified these 6 areas to focus on: culture and change management, cross-functional collaboration, communication/people/soft skills, people development, health and retail strategy, and business acumen.

From there we designed a curriculum roadmap and developed the materials for a truly blended program – with live workshops, virtual webinars, digital reads, workbooks, coaching guides, and live and animated videos. Within this curriculum was also a new coaching model, a rotation program, and a mentorship program – to provide ongoing opportunities for leadership development.

The program was uniquely tailored to the pharmacy space and to Rexall in particular. As opposed to a generic business leadership program that you can get off the shelf, our program really considered their industry and organizational culture, and provided practical examples and insights that pharmacy leaders need to result in better patient care.

The launch of the program was met with overwhelmingly positive feedback. It exceeded attendees' expectations, and they were glad to see a comprehensive plan for their current and future leaders. They felt supported and were left really energized about the program and the investment into their people. We look forward to the impact data as the program gets implemented across the country.