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Effective and Engaging Product and Therapeutic Training

Our client sought to develop a learning program to prepare their salesforce for the launch of a new Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) Maintenance treatment.  As this treatment was the first of its kind, the training needed to foster a solid understanding of previously unmet patient needs and the potential impact of treatment. Our solution had to also consider how to leverage the existing AML foundational training program we delivered.

After conducting a thorough analysis of their existing training materials and providing our design recommendations, we developed a set of 10 eLearning modules (5 updates to modules previously created by Metrix and 5 new) covering the following topics:

  • Definition of AML, the affected patient population, and risk factors
  • Development of AML and factors that affects prognosis
  • Clinical presentation, diagnosis, classification, and companion diagnostic for AML
  • Treatment guidelines and existing treatments for newly diagnosed and relapsed/refractory AML
  • Building empathy and understanding of patient perspectives through patient-physician conversations and the patient treatment journey

In order to integrate the existing content with the new, Metrix had to find a balance in design to deliver a look and feel that was consistent and cohesive.  Through a creative blend of instructional and graphic design, the visuals and graphics were elevated with a light modern approach that still fit the existing.

To reinforce the learning, activities and progress checks have been integrated throughout each module.  We also developed an eLearning knowledge assessment for each module, and a set of infographic-style job aids on the key takeaways of the modules.

Stay tuned for details on impact.