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Global Product Launch Training Strategy and Execution

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Global Product Launch Training Strategy and Execution

A biopharmaceutical company was launching an unprecedented number of new products in the next five years across the globe. Timely, effective and engaging training for their customer-facing teams was a critical success factor for launch, yet their commercial infrastructure, people resources, and experience with global brand launches was limited.

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We worked with them to determine the optimal way to design, develop, and deploy global product and therapeutic training, as well as a partnership model with Metrix to be able to deliver quality training in the years ahead. 

To support their success we:
  • Conducted over 20 interviews with stakeholders around the globe, including senior leaders for each therapeutic division
  • Presented our recommendations and gained stakeholder support
  • Helped drive budget commitment from key stakeholders to implement the new way of working

Our resulting solution comprised the following: 
  • Efficient process for designing, developing, and deploying training (global to local)
  • Toolkit to standardize and fast-track each step of the design process
  • Roadmap for pre-launch, launch, and post-launch training for all customer-facing roles that is customizable to each brand strategy and market
  • Learning technology plan for the next five years
  • Measurement and evaluation standards connected to key launch capabilities
  • Model for working with Metrix as their partner for all product and therapeutic training and training program/project management
  • Change management materials
  • Product and therapeutic training for 6 brands in 3 divisions across 25 markets, including eLearning, PDFs, knowledge assessments and animated infographics

    The new global training process and standards provided substantial time and cost savings compared to the previous way of working. The training standards were ripe with “practical innovation”, including an approach to micro-learning that supported a faster, more flexible and effective learning experience. As a result, our client could sleep at night knowing that we’re taking care of their launch training needs!