Mobile-First New Hire Orientation

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Mobile-First New Hire Orientation

Our client sought to create a better, more consistent and more effective onboarding experience for their 25,000 colleagues working in their retail grocery stores, delivered through their personal mobile devices.

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Metrix collaborated with the Loblaw L&D team to develop a mobile training strategy. This strategy outlined a phased approach, the desired learner journey, the UX/UI for the digital modules and a methodology for modifying existing content for use on mobile devices.

We completed the following activities to optimize the design for mobile and ensure success of the project:
  • Reviewed all existing content with Loblaw subject matter experts to ensure accuracy and completeness
  • Engaged all levels of the organization (learning managers, store managers, directors etc.) to determine digital readiness, comfort, and content requirements
  • Developed content outlines, design concepts, and an assessment strategy for all mobile materials
  • Created detailed storyboards
  • Integrated content into a prototype
  • Executed a complete technical development including preparation for LMS delivery

The solution included:

  • Hundreds of bite-sized digital learning modules (ENG & FRE) that can be absorbed easily and accessed whenever they are needed, with knowledge checks throughout
  • This bite-sized learning is immediately followed by an opportunity to practice the skill or task they have just learned through additional practice activities
  • Branded course templates for all training materials (job aids, participants, peer mentor and manager guides), which are now being used throughout the organization

The evaluation of the Loblaw new hire orientation success to date includes:

  • 50% savings in ‘seat time’ using digital media
  • Participants praised the quality of the content and ease of navigation
  • Successful launch of 438 mobile modules ( ENG & FRE)
  • Average course rating 4.7/5
  • Cost of design and development of mobile versus cost of print, packaging, and distribution of paper-based training materials
  • 24/7 access to content provided through the mobile device