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Onboarding Sales Teams Across Therapeutic Areas

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Onboarding Sales Teams Across Therapeutic Areas

The Sales Learning and Development team aimed to improve the new hire experience, boost retention of new sales representatives and create an onboarding program that’s easy to maintain and update.

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Starting with their Ophthalmology salesforce, we partnered with Bausch Health to design a two-year onboarding roadmap for Sales Representatives. The roadmap outlined a path to build therapeutic expertise and customer trust, had clear connection to their competencies and a comprehensive assessment and evaluation strategy. We designed a Getting Started Guide and a Self-Development Portfolio that helped Reps to personalize their experience. Materials were designed to show new hires what their career could look like at Bausch Health and access everything seamlessly through the Scrimmage app on their iPad.Following the launch of the program for Sales Representatives, we created a program for Sales Managers, drawing on many of the core design elements from the Sales Representative program

Our client saw a significant decrease in voluntary turnover, including a decrease of 45% in one business unit. The onboarding program was adapted for other business units in a fraction of the time that it would have taken to design each one separately. The program was considered so effective that managers began showcasing the training in their recruitment efforts. Finally, stakeholder feedback was glowing, with one tenured Sales Representative saying “Hands down, this was the best onboarding of my career.”