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Portfolio Academy and eDetail Aid

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Portfolio Academy and eDetail Aid

Our client at a large biopharma company required a cohesive, centralized training program covering an entire portfolio of products, that would later be localized to the growing emerging markets around the world. Prior to this, training was performed on a product-by-product basis using separate training modules.

Our client also required an eDetail aid containing information about the whole portfolio of products. This piece would be used by sales reps in conversations with healthcare professionals (HCPs). Prior to this cohesive piece, reps were using multiple separate eDetail aids in sales conversations with HCPs, which made it difficult to navigate the conversation from product to product.

Portfolio Academy and eDetail Aid 1
For the training program, a comprehensive review of the literature unveiled critical insights into product positioning and differentiation, as well as the competitive landscape. Interactive PDF eBooks accompanied by gamified knowledge assessments were created to boost learner engagement and knowledge retention.

For the eDetail Aid, we performed a thorough review of existing product information and summarized key efficacy and safety information using eye-catching visuals. It was delivered as an interactive PDF with clean lines and ample white space to allow for easy localization and translation.

The training program was released on a dedicated internal website, and internal feedback has been very positive. The eDetail aid exceeded expectations of the client project team. Both sets of assets were localized to many markets around the world and are being successfully used.

The eDetail aid was well-designed, visually appealing, and packed with relevant information that is easy to understand and communicate to HCPs, such as each product's value proposition, clinical data, and competitive advantages. This has led to a great improvement in interactions with HCPs, and enabled reps to have more engaging, informative, and productive conversations with their customers.