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Product Launch Playbooks & Brand Awareness Email Campaign

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Product Launch Playbooks & Brand Awareness Email Campaign

We worked with a regional business unit at a global biopharma company that required a series of product-specific launch playbooks to prepare their brand managers for product launches in their respective countries. They also required the development of an email campaign to drive brand awareness and usage of the playbooks.

Product Launch Playbooks 1
The launch playbooks were designed to equip all stakeholders with best practices for launch in accordance with their launch process. We developed them as interactive PDFs with tabbed sections for easy navigation. We also carefully selected the imagery to bring each product to life. The launch playbooks detailed:

  • launch milestones
  • strategic launch insights
  • key resources and tools, including launch best practices
  • practical guidance and checklists on a range of launch preparation topics
  • brand strategy
  • core Medical and Marketing reference resources

  • The email campaign was designed to enhance brand awareness and build anticipation across the 50+ countries about the deployment of the product launch playbooks. We also wove in creative elements of each brand to boost brand excitement.

    The product launch playbooks and email campaign had a significant impact on the success of the various product launches. These playbooks provided a comprehensive guide for the launch process, ensuring that all necessary steps were taken in a timely and efficient manner, leading to a smooth launch and great market success.