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Product and Therapeutic Training: Home Study Modules

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Product and Therapeutic Training: Home Study Modules

Our client, a pharmaceutical company, identified the need to revamp their product and therapeutic training program. Learners were experiencing content overload and disorganization, inconsistent quality and formats of modules, and out-of-date content. The existing training materials were also missing oversight from medical, legal, and regulatory.

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After conducting a rigorous analysis, including interviews with the sales team, a technology audit, and a content audit, we provided curriculum recommendations to streamline the current training program. By eliminating redundant content, providing up-to-date research in the field, and elevating the look and feel, we created a uniform learning experience across all training modules. The new curriculum was cohesive and comprehensive, following a logical flow of information to help learners grasp a complex therapeutic area and product training. It featured 11 eLearning modules that covered topics such as:

• Anatomy and physiology
• Disease state
• Pathophysiology Diagnosis, treatment, and management
• Patient journey
• Clinical trials
• Product training

To reinforce the learning, we included progress checks after each lesson, a final quiz at the end of each module, and callouts such as “So What?” and “Deeper Dive” throughout the module content. To ensure learners were able to apply their knowledge on the job, we developed three application and reinforcement touchpoints comprised of verbalization activities based on the key learnings from each module. The final page featured an evaluation form as an opportunity for managers to assess the depth of knowledge and understanding that the learners gained from the modules, and to identify areas for improvement

Metrix was able to take this home study curriculum from drab and outdated to quality content with the right design principles and using adult learning methodologies. The client noted that the way the project was managed was top notch and the final deliverables were phenomenal.