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Our client sought to pull through the findings of their sales onboarding needs analysis to create a consistent onboarding experience for all sales professionals at Canada Post Corporation (CPC). The goal was to adapt the current tailored onboarding approach to be more consistent across each of these audiences and to be scalable to fit the needs of the growing salesforce.

Metrix collaborated with the L&D team to develop a comprehensive roadmap for a holistic end-to-end onboarding experience. Our solution prepares sales professionals from before they even start their new role, through to their initial days as they gain exposure, and continuing through as they develop into well-rounded and knowledgeable salespeople.

This program was designed to bring together many roles to support the new hire including the learner’s manager, team lead, assigned peer buddy and L&D.

We completed the following activities to ensure the onboarding program was consistent and scalable:

  • Analyzed current onboarding program
  • Ran design sessions with the CPC L&D team and the sales team leaders
  • Created a baseline roadmap with one target audience on the sales team, identified the core elements that were consistent between teams, then identified customizations and adaptations needed for each specific audience
  • Developed content outlines and design concepts for all deliverables

The solution included:

  • A multi-day immersive classroom experience as a focal element of the program, including presentations with speaker notes for facilitation
  • Ongoing integrated practical experience

Tools and resources for all members of the program, which included:

  • New hire guides for each type of sales team
  • Team leader guides
  • On-the-job tools and guided activities
  • All resources in both English and French


The Onboarding sales program launched to great success.  The new program was able to: 

  • Dramatically reduce the onboarding time for new hires, from up to one year to 3 months
  • Scale the onboarding program to meet the needs of a growing sales force, and thus add value to the business needs of the organization
  • Provide participants with the knowledge, tools and skills they needed to quickly succeed