The Ultimate Gamified Experience for Sales Representatives

The Ultimate Gamified Experience for Sales Representatives

Our client sought to elevate the overall knowledge and skills of their HCV sales force to help them achieve their goal of helping patients across America. 

We had several design working sessions with the project team to map out the ultimate gaming experience. Drawing inspiration from games like Tomb Raider, we came up with a compelling narrative where learners raced across the globe, solving challenges using a range of learning resources.

We created a launch campaign that included a teaser video and a personalized plane ticket for each learner that provided a clue to the game using  augmented reality. There was also a series of 3D-printed objects representing the cities visited in the game, with codes that learners could use to get access to bonus questions during gameplay. To start, learners were asked to rate their confidence across content areas and personalized recommendations were made on how to prepare to be most successful. 

There were 6 releases of the game over the course of a year, spanning 8 cities and 6 knowledge areas. A custom leaderboard was also created to encourage competition, which could be viewed at a regional, district and individual level. 

The game was also used at a National Sales Meeting where teams completed a series of challenges at various stations in a break-out room.

Our client saw a 90% participation rate, which is very high for an elective program. This aligned to the high level of buzz the program received in the field. There was a marked increase in usage of learning resources, one of the core goals of this initiative. And for the first time, sales leadership was able to identify specific gaps in field knowledge, allowing them to tailor their virtual meetings to address those needs.